Lauren K. Lancy

The Handmade Textiles of Bangladesh

What do you think when you see the phrase “Made in Bangladesh”? Since big brands began producing fast fashion apparel there, this nation of 163 million people h...

Maker Profile:
Imby Langenbach, KARMME

Meet Imby Langenbach, founder of a Sydney-based brand KARMME. Imby makes leather clutches from patterned leather that is hand-dyed by the women at Shibori textile agency. Read the interview and shop Imby's capsule collection of clutches and tote bags....

Maker Profile: Gopi Shah Ceramics

The Kindcraft interviews American ceramicist Gopi Shah about her work and life in San Fransisco. Read Gopi's story and shop her capsule collection handmade ceramics....

Mashiko Pottery
Past And Present

The Kindcraft explores the legacy of Mengei folk art movement potter Shoji Hamada, and looks at modern-day ceramics in Mashiko, Japan....

Japan’s Indigo Textiles

Explore Japan's ancient indigo textile traditions through a visit to an Edo-era dye house called the Higeta Indigo House in Mashiko, Japan and an exhibition about boro patchwork textiles at the Amuse Museum in Tokyo....
The Kindcraft x In Clay Ceramics Collection

The Kindcraft x
InClay Studio Pottery

For our newest Maker Collaboration we worked with Jirawong Wongtrangan at InClay Studio Pottery in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Read the story about our process and shop the Milk White Collection of handmade ceramics....

London Craft Week 2016

Read about nine events that happened at London Craft Week 2016 including embroidery, psaligraphy, glass blowing, and a thought-provoking discussions among designers Hussein Chalayan and Alice Temperley about the role of craft and industry....
Garment Workers in Bangladesh

Three Years After
Rana Plaza
An Interview with Nawshin Khair

It has been three years since Bangladesh's Rana Plaza garment factory collapse on April 24th, 2013. The Kindcraft interviewed Fashion Revolution's Bangladesh country coordinator Nawshin Khair to ask her for a status update on the lives of Dhaka's garment workers....

Maker Profile:
Sanjay Garg,
Raw Mango

A minimalist aesthetic is emerging in India, and Sanjay Garg of Raw Mango is leading the way. On our recent visit to New Delhi we chatted with the designer about his handloom Chanderi silk saris, inspiration, and ethical business practices. ...

Introduction to
Indian Block Printing:
Anokhi Museum

The Kindcraft recently visited the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing in Jaipur, India. Join us on a tour of the museum set inside of restored 16th century haveli mansion and meet the in-house artisans who demonstrated block carving and the printing process....

Sawadee Craft

The first Sawadee Craft festival at Chiang Mai's Baan Kang Wat artist village was held between December 5th and 10th, 2015 featuring gallery exhibitions, live music, and an artist showcase....
Lauren K. Lancy

Lauren K. Lancy

Founder / Creative Director

Lauren K. Lancy is a fashion designer and trend forecaster from New York City living in Asia. In 2014, Lauren founded The Kindcraft, an online magazine celebrating the makers of traditional arts and contemporary craft. She designs in collaboration with makers, creating a curated collection of handmade goods + slow fashion.