Craft Informs Design: A Conversation with Peter Speliopoulos and Paul Andrew

As part of the International Folk Art Market “Virtual One World” event, Lauren Lancy moderated a conversation with Peter Speliopoulos and Paul Andrew about the importance of folk art and how craft has informed their design processes throughout their careers. Peter Speliopoulos is a multidisciplinary artist creating ceramics and home objects for Peter Speliopoulos Projects which is based in New York. His influences are founded in his experience as a fashion designer, creative director, and costume designer for opera and dance. Paul Andrew is an English fashion designer who designed alongside iconic fashion designers before launching his eponymous footwear line. He is now the Creative Director at Salvatore Ferragamo and lives between Florence, Italy and New York City.

Indigo textile by Carla Fernández. Image used with permission from the International Folk Art Market.