The Kindcraft is a Celebration of Makers.

The Kindcraft is an independent online magazine, a design studio engaging in collaborations, and shop for handmade goods + slow fashion.

Inspirational Stories

From artists in New York to the villages of Southeast Asia, The Kindcraft takes you on a journey around the globe and into the maker’s studio. These stories celebrate people creating traditional art and contemporary craft.

Meet the makers and see how time-honored techniques create one-of-a-kind artwork. Our inspirational stories include reports from design fairs, trend-lead content, and conversations with creative thinkers. We introduce you to artists in villages and urban studios around the globe in our series of Maker Profiles. Our process driven stories show you the creative step-by-step journey from raw material to finished product.

Maker Collaborations & The Kindcraft Shop

The Kindcraft collaborates with some of the artists that we feature, bringing you a curated collection of handmade goods + slow fashion. Through our Maker Collaborations – like with Studio Naenna Textiles and InClay Studio Pottery – The Kindcraft designs contemporary goods which are produced in partnership with independent makers that we know and trust. These projects help provide artists with a sustainable livelihoods and promotes the continuation of their craft.

Each of the one-of-a-kind pieces in The Kindcraft Shop was slow made with care.

Our Ethics

The Kindcraft works with creative and courageous independent artists who create with their hands and their hearts. There is nothing factory-made in our shop. We celebrate artists in the villages of developing nations and self-motivated urban makers around the globe alike, supporting them with a sustainable livelihood. We believe in human kindness and the art of contemporary craft.

We only use natural materials sourced from ethical and earth-friendly sources. From naturally dyed plant-based fibers that are hand-woven into textiles, to stoneware ceramics, and wood home objects, you will never find anything plastic or disposable in The Kindcraft Shop. All of our materials are top-quality and made to last.