Sharon de Lyster

The Kaili Embroidery Market

Embroideries, vintage costumes, braided ribbons, and more—Sharon de Lyster reports on crafts at the Kaili Embroidery Market in China’s Guizhou Province....

Miao Trims & Accessories

From folded-cloth piecework, to couched braid embroidery, jacquard weaving, and the making of silver plaques, the Miao people of Guizhou, China continue to practice their heritage crafts and maintain traditional lifestyles. ...

The Process:
Miao Pleated Skirts

Learn about the making of the pleated skirts worn by women of China's Miao ethnic group, as told by contributor Sharon de Lyster. Inspired by the heritage crafts of the Miao people, Sharon designed a womenswear collection for her brand, Narrative Made, which is now available on The Kindcraft for a limited time....

Garments of the Hong Yao

Learn about the traditional dress of the Hong Yao people in Guilin, China as contributed by Sharon Tsang....
Sharon de Lyster

Sharon de Lyster


Sharon is the founder of Narrative Made and a trend forecaster based in Hong Kong. She is passionate in empowering marginalized and underprivileged people groups through ethical fashion production.