Inspiration for a
Handmade Home

Beautifully crafted textiles, ceramics, and wood work can add life to your home. Setting them amidst open spaces like windows or white walls will allow your vibrant handmade items to be seen and felt. These clean-yet-collective spaces are the New Boho – a modern style that honors artisans and global craft.

Here is an inspirational styling, material, and color guide for showcasing your handmade home collectables from near and far.

 Artisan Textiles

Artisan textiles can give your home warmth and texture. Use a black and white palette with hits of bright color, draping heritage textiles over furniture – or use them as wall hangings, mixing-and-matching throughout the house.

Global Blues

Indigo dyeing is an ancient technique in the midst of a major revival as a fashion and interior design trend. Learn about dyeing indigo naturally in my feature The Process: Indigo from Plant to Paste.

New Knits

Modern large-scale knits by fiber artists like Jacqi FinkClaire Ann O’Brien, and Dana Barnes make interesting wall hangings, soft surfaces, and rugs as art pieces.

Simple Stoneware

Hand-thrown pottery is sculpted by a ceramicist’s hands and has a distinct personality. Each piece looks and feels different than  the next, a far cry from mass-produced products. Use these items for everyday use, for display, and for making a home for your plants.

Hand Woven Baskets

Earthy African baskets can be used to decorate a wall, or use brightly-colored carriers to hold your textiles and farmer’s market finds.

Smooth Wood

Traditional woodworking techniques are employed to create smooth modern pieces of furniture and home decor. Sharing a meal with friends and family over a long natural wood table is one of my favorite ways to gather.