Fast Fashion to Slow Made

THE KINDCRAFT’s founder, Lauren K. Lancy, is a fashion designer and trend forecaster from New York City. After a decade of designing womenswear and kidswear for Manhattan’s biggest brands, Lauren traded the city’s concrete for the jungles of Southeast Asia to work on sustainable design projects.

Her interest in artisan products and textiles took Lauren to Laos for 2013. While living in Luang Prabang, she worked as a design consultant and learned about the traditional arts of the region’s ethnic minorities. Later that year, Lauren found inspiration at an indigo dyeing workshop and at a sunny pottery studio in the tropical mountains of Northern Thailand.

After relocating to Chiang Mai, Lauren launched THE KINDCRAFT in 2014 as a platform to share stories about the makers she had met. Her first designs for THE KINDCRAFT Shop were contemporary clothing created to honor hand-woven, naturally dyed textiles in a Maker Collaboration with Studio Naenna. She also designed a ceramic collection for THE KINDCRAFT x InClay Studio Collaboration.

Lauren is based in Chiang Mai and New York City – traveling frequently throughout Asia and globally – as she sources artisan stories for the online magazine and design inspiration for THE KINDCRAFT Shop.